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Here is how it works


You are in charge of deciding what items from our programs supply list below you would like to purchase to donate.  You can select items to create boxes for a certain number of people or you can select as many individual items for a group of people in need.   


OPTION 1 – We can pack and deliver the supplies for you in our local communities to whom you wish.  For instance the children in foster homes or children/families in outreach.  We will gift wrap Birthday boxes! 

OPTION 2 –  Place your order and we will ship to you and you can donate the items to whom you wish ANYWHERE – your community, your local agency, overseas, etc….


Thank you for supporting Mother and Child Charity and Giving back to the communities!

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realtor commission donation program


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real estate

Buy, Sell and Invest in Real Estate and Give back to the underprivileged children and families without any money out of your pocket.  Yes, that is correct, your Real Estate Consultant will donate on your behalf.

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