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Caring for our community is a big task. That’s why we value corporate partners who believe in the mission of Mother and Child Charity [MACC] and provide essential philanthropic support. A corporate partnership with [MACC] provides a valuable opportunity for your brand to align with a trusted member of the Central Florida community. Our corporate supporters play an essential role in helping us fulfill the promise of first-hand direct support to those who needs it. With a wide range of events, programs and philanthropic opportunities designed for corporate support, there are many collaborative ways to customize your company’s involvement and make life better for the vulnerable children and families we serve.


corporate partnership

Corporate Giving Program is created by Mother and Child Charity [MACC] in an effort to give back to the local communities. 

At MACC we value your time, partnership and support to your community, for that reason we have an effective strategy that makes the most of our donors’ contributions. 


Ten Types of Corporate Giving Programs Companies offer their employees.

Corporations encourage their employees’ philanthropy through programs that donate money and resources to the nonprofits that employees deeply care about.  Scroll down the page to find out more about each type of Corporate Giving Program.

Matching Gifts

Fundraising Matches

Dollars for Doers




Team Volunteer Grants

Community Grants

Volunteer Support Programs



Automatic Payroll Deductions

Annual Grant Stipends

Annual Giving



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This program is a great way for individuals to maximize the donations they make to nonprofits.
Companies that implement matching gift programs will contribute to a nonprofit that an employee donates to. Usually matching their donation at a 1:1 ratio.  Some companies, however, will match gifts at up to a 4:1 ratio!
Employees must submit matching gift paperwork either electronically or manually into their company, in order to take advantage of their employers’ matching gift programs.
Everyone wins!

  • Nonprofits benefit from matching gift programs by receiving twice as many donations as they normally would. 
  • Employees benefit from matching gifts by maximizing their donations with little effort. 
  • Companies benefit by contributing to a cause that their employees care about. 

Example: Larry, an employee at XYZ company, donates $500 to a nonprofit organization.   After submitting a form to the HR department or through an online portal, Larry doubles his donation. XYZ company matches employees’ donations at a 1:1 ratio, meaning that the nonprofit receives $1,000 instead of $500.




This program is very similar to matching gifts in that they provide nonprofits with a monetary donation after an employee has donated time or effort to the organization.  When an employee participates in a walkathon or other type of fundraising event, their employer may match the money they raise through sponsorships or other donations.
For instance, if Vicky Volunteer decides to participate in a run for a nonprofit and raises money from her friends and family, her employer may offer a program that matches those donations.
Funds are usually matched at a 1:1 ratio and have a maximum ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.
Example: XYZ company provides employees with $100 for every walk, run, or bicycle event that they participate in. Employees have until January 31st of the next year to submit their fundraising match request.



Dollars for Doers

This is one of the most common giving programs that companies offer their employees.  Also known as individual volunteer grants, Dollars for Doers programs essentially reward employees who take time out of their busy lives to donate their efforts to a nonprofit.
There are usually thresholds that must be met in order for an employee to make the most of a Dollars for Doers program.  For instance, a company might offer a $250 stipend to a nonprofit for every 15 hours that an employee volunteers there.
Companies normally only provide grants to one nonprofit per employee per year.  Regardless, employees can still maximize the impact that they make in their local communities by taking full advantage of Dollars for Doers programs.
Example: XYZ company offers its employees and retirees a Dollars for Doers program that rewards 20 volunteer hours with $500 and 40 volunteer hours with $1,000.




This program is a great way for employees to connect with one another.  But did you know that team volunteering can accomplish the same goal and can come with extra donations from volunteers’ employers?
Some companies offer team volunteer grants which reward groups of employees who volunteer their time at a nonprofit together. Employees fill out a volunteer grant request form to have the funds donated to the nonprofit.
Not only do employees feel a sense of accomplishment by volunteering for a worthy cause, but companies also get to demonstrate their philanthropy and dedication to bettering the community.  Nonprofits receive time and money, and everybody wins!



Community Grants

While some corporate giving programs rely on employees to fill out forms, volunteer time and money, community grants must be pursued by the nonprofit itself.  Community grants are offered by corporations who wish to see a positive impact in their local and global communities.  Nonprofits can request community grants directly from companies during any time, but some corporations do have specific deadlines.  Additionally, nonprofits can request disaster relief grants to help local communities during times of crisis.
Example: XYZ company provides community grants between $250 and $2,500 depending on the quality of nonprofits’ applications for grants, the mission of the nonprofit, and the need of the organization.



Volunteer support programs

Are a great way for companies to offer their products and services to the people who need them most.
While not every company is able to donate through these programs, those that do assist nonprofits by offering:
• Computers and computer programs
• Consulting services
• Food
• Marketing strategies
• Other tangible products
Volunteer support programs allow nonprofit organizations to benefit from free products and services, while companies also get to feel a sense of philanthropic pride in knowing that they helped further a worthy cause.
Example: XYZ company provides affordable access to their technology and services to nearly 90,000 nonprofits every year. These nonprofits are located in 125 countries, and the collective value of the provided software is almost $950 million.



Automatic Payroll Deductions

For employees who wish to effortlessly donate to a worthy cause, automatic payroll deductions are one of the easiest ways to regularly contribute to a nonprofit organization.  However, companies usually limit the type of nonprofit their employees can contribute to.  For instance, if a company has a specific interest in sustainability and the environment, it might restrict employees’ donations to nonprofits whose missions most closely aligns with theirs.
However, once a nonprofit is on a company’s list of approved organizations, automatic payroll deductions are a great way to receive ongoing, predictable donations.
Example: XYZ company is an employee engagement and philanthropy program that is offered at hundreds of private and public sector workplaces across the United States XYZ @ Work connects donors with environmental and conservation charities. The Georgia chapter of XYZ  alone provides donations to over 70 nonprofits in the state.



Grant Stipends

Annual grant stipends that have no strings attached aren’t as common as some of the aforementioned corporate giving programs, but they are a great way for a nonprofit to benefit from the generosity of corporations and employees.
Annual grant stipends are allocated amounts of money that are given each year to employees to donate to the nonprofit of their choice. Employees don’t have to volunteer their own time or money; the company donates for them.
While the stipends aren’t massive, nonprofits can benefit from even the smallest amount of money that comes in from companies’ annual grant stipend programs.
Example: XYZ’s Fabric of America program allocates $300 per employee to donate to one organization or split between two nonprofits.




Most companies promote year-long giving, but some employers also encourage donations at certain times of the year.  The most popular time for companies to promote employee giving is at the end of the year when individuals have a firmer grasp on how much money they can allocate for charitable contributions.
Example: XYZ company fundraises money for men’s health during the month of November.  In past years, over 400 employees have raised $75,000 in a single month.  XYZ company matched that month’s donation, doubling it to $150,000.




Some companies encourage employee giving by offering discounts on company products that employees donate to nonprofits.
These programs are most commonly found at technology companies, but they can be used by businesses in any industry!
Example: XYZ company employees can give up to $40,000 worth of XYZ products per year and pay only 25% of the list price.  All donations are tax-deductible.  In the past, XYZ employees have donated $4.7 million worth of equipment to nearly 150 nonprofits and schools.